Linus Olsson – President

Dear members,

2020 has been a challenging year for the Student Union and all I’m guessing for all of you as well. I really wish I could say that 2021 will bring a brighter future. Unfortunately I don’t know what the next year will throw at us. But don’t despair!

As your president I want to use my previous experience from GADDEN, the HHGS Board and especially N&FA to make sure that stuff happens even though the situation is what it is. This year's initiation was incredibly hard to arrange, but we made it and I believe that experience will come in very handy.

My first priorities as President will be to make sure Handelspuben may open (with or without Covid-restrictions), to make sure all of our associations and projects have a place to be and to make sure there are opportunities for our members to socialize.

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