Olivia Lind – Vice President

Hello HHGS-members, 
My name is Olivia Lind, and I want to create the most inclusive and sustainable HHGS year yet! These last months have hit us all hard, and I think it’s of utmost importance to make sure that all students have everything they need to help them through this difficult time. To be able to study you need a good mental health and a sustainable environment, something I want to make sure there is for all of you through actions for mental health and a clear sustainability framework.

For the last year I’ve been active in HaSS, HKN and GADDEN, from which I’ve learnt about teamwork, administrative tasks, sustainability and much more. I hope to be able to take all that knowledge, passion and dedication to HHGS! 

Vote for me as Vice President, and I promise I’ll do everything to make HHGS a more sustainable, accessible and inclusive union!

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Vice President

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