Election for dummies

To participate in election activities you first have to become a student union member. As a student union member you are at the core of HHGS activities. It is the student union members that decide what HHGS should be like. Just like how the parliamentary elections can affect how Sweden is led, you in the student union elections can influence how the student union should be led. HHGS addresses the needs of the members with a focus on education, social activities and contact with the industry, among others.

To be a member in HHGS enriches your time at Handels in many ways. HHGS offers a wide range of fairs and associations you can take part in. They make sure that exciting things happen at school at all times. Within HHGS, all paths lead to the board. They ensure that all members have the opportunity to implement their ideas, realize their dreams or solve their problems. By voicing your opinion and participating in the election, you can do your part to ensure HHGS is raised to its utmost potential.


    You can nominate yourself or someone else that you think is appropriate to represent HHGS. You can read about the different positions and what they involve if you click on "The Student Union Board" above, or go to www.hhgs.se! The nomination period begins at the 25th of October and ends at the 7th of November.


    To be eligible for candidacy, one must be a member of HHGS by the time of the election. The candidates for the election will be announced on the 18th of November. Thereafter, the candidates will be responsible for their own candidacy campaigns.


    You can vote in two ways: either online during the whole election week or at the election booth during the election day, 26th of November. You must be a member of HHGS to be able to vote in the election.


    Shortly after the voting is closed the result will be announced live at the election night event. Then, we will know who will have the honour to represent the HHGS Board of 2022!